Company Profile

Fujian yongxin co LTD.

Fujian yongan yongxin logistics warehousing equipment co., LTD., founded in 1993, the Taiwanese and mainland joint venture to build, is the earliest engaged in file cabinets, display cabinets, library shelves, attic platform series, light, medium and heavy shelves product research and development, design, production, sales, one-stop service professional company. Company since its inception, adhering to the "relying on scientific and technological progress, adhere to quality survival, reputation for development" concept, providing customers with high quality...


Product Introduction

Company product variety, complete specifications, species together around four broad categories:
A, dense ark of mobile class: dense ark can increase 3 times as much storage space, convenient management, as a modern storage device files, data and all kinds of things.
Second, warehouse shelves are divided into: lightweight shelves, middle duty shelf, avoid screw shelves, heavy shelves, attic shelves, beam type layer board platform, through type shelf, after push type shelves, mold frame, automobile 4 s shop shelves, etc.
Three, supermarket shelves, cosmetic, island, the cashier, shop counter, B side frame, back frame, newspapers, magazines, etc.
Four, library equipment is divided into: single column and double column, column three shelves, journals, newspaper rack, ancient books, CD cabinet, bookcase bookends, book car, student apartment bed frames, etc.